The Introduction of AREX-orodjarna d.o.o.

The foundation of Arex was set up two decades ago with the purchase of the toolmaking department of former Iskra.

We started the business from the toolmaking program of the failed company Iskra Prons Šentjernej, which went bankrupt a year earlier. Initial analyses have shown that there is a huge competition in the toolmaking program in domestic and foreign markets and poor income coverage. In parallel with the toolmaking program as our basic activity, we decided to start the intensive development of the production of commercially interesting semi-finished products and products made of metal and plastic that would be primarily based on innovation and technological improvement and would also have sufficient market opportunities.

The strong and trustworthy foundation has enabled us to develop our business and gain competitive advantages. We realize new ideas with the understanding of costumer’s ideas, demands and wishes. Modern computerized manufacturing equipment together with the strong involvement of the research and development group that works within the company, enable us to constantly create new products customized for our buyers.

The change in the economic situation in the global and domestic market also led to the reorganisation of the Arex company, which was divided into two independent companies in 2009:

- Arex d.o.o. and
- Arex-Orodjarna d.o.o.

Dejavnost podjetja Arex Orodjarna d.o.o. obsega:

Production and sales program includes:

  • purposive program for automotive industry and other specialized consumers,
  • production of plastic (glass fibres) – metal steady legs for motorhomes,
  • injection moulded plastic parts,
  • metal and plastic injection moulding, turning,
  • injection moulding of plastic products with the Witt mann Battenfeld Smartpower 160-1000 B8 injection moulding machine (the possibility of manufacturing all plastic products weighing from 0,5 g to 500 g),
  • all stamped products,
  • sewing coatings for motorhomes,
  • property sales (Novo mesto, Ljubljana, Metlika),
  • representation and sale of Tyvek® protective suits and Sontara® anti-dust cloths, manufactured by DuPont.

Arex - Orodjarna successfully cooperates with Adria Mobil from Novo Mesto. Our manufacturing program includes plastic (glass fibers) – metal steady legs, which are lightweight and of high quality. We also sew coatings for motorhomes. We also specialize in the field of upholstering various foams, seats, etc.

We also successfully cooperate with the ALKO GmbH company, which is one of the biggest suppliers of various parts in the field of caravanning. The ALKO company manufactures chassis, important metal and plastic parts for all major manufactures of motorhomes and trailers.

Our business partner is also a German company Aguti GmbH, for which we sew coatings and assemble and dress cabin seats from motorhomes.

In our sale program, we offer Sontara® cloths manufactured by DuPont, with which we have cooperated for more than twenty years. Dupont is a multinational corporation founded way back in 1802. Under the DuPont company, world famous brands such as Nylon®, Lycra®, Teflon®, Tyvek® and Sontara® have been developed.

We supply Tyvek® protective suits and Sontara® cloths to Krka, Revoz, Gorenje, Merkur, and many smaller companies.

Company Headquarters

Arex Orodjarna d.o.o.
Naselje Borisa Kidriča 14, 8330 Metlika, Slovenija
Tel: 00386 70824381
ID DDV: SI12044555

Business Unit

Arex Orodjarna d.o.o.
P.E. Foersterjeva 10, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenija
Tel: 00386 70824381